Cover Michael2007

Michael2007 tells a story of love and pain, loneliness and betrayal, full of blood and yet full of light; a story thousands of years old told through a remarkable literary form, combing the almost-irreconcilable elements of sex, passion and faith.

The prose sections open with God’s instructions for the Angels, his messengers to Earth. Although written in tones redolent of heavenly sublimity, the prose is nevertheless witty, offering a detached perspective and employing seemingly-technical terms in articles such as A Manual for Large-Feathered Friends which guide and instruct the Angels (in now-human form) on their earthly pilgrimage.

Later sections include poetry, revealing the depths of both human and angelic passion and love in all their forms, whether of tribulations or pleasure. The collection of poetry is tender, passionate, and full of love; giving and receiving, as well as surrendering. Against the backdrop of a tempestuous affair between one woman and two men, a dramatic tale both affecting and influencing human history plays out.