The Slave

Sylva Lauerová, The Slave

"...there is a dark edge to the human soul that makes us feel uneasy..."

The Slave, a novel not for the fainthearted, in which the author openly, and without any restraint, details the intimate scenes of a sadomasochistic relationship, highlights on the one hand the inner urge to forcibly control, and the need to be dominated on the other. It requires the reader to surpass the notional boundary of a topic still widely-seen as taboo… actually, it does not force the reader to do anything at all - the dynamics of the story, coming in waves, naturally draw the reader in. Ironically, it is in fact the reader themself who becomes caught up in a virtual relationship of dominance and submission with the book itself. Fascinated and surprised by their own curiosity, the reader begins to reconsider their initial likes and dislikes, leading to unexpected conclusions not only about the main characters but also the reader themself.

The Slave forces you to dispel all your prejudices. But, before you decide that the author has gone too far, the book itself quite naturally confronts you with a similar question: How far are you willing to go?

Publisher: van Aspen, s.r.o. 2009, Copyright: Sylva Lauerová 2009

ISBN 978-80-254-5275-2, 198 pages, RRP: 259 CZK.


NB: This book is not suitable for children and young adolescents.